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Sungard Availability Services will be attending, sponsoring and speaking at a number of industry events throughout the year.

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For business that never stops​

Sungard AS partners with you to understand your unique business needs and provide production and recovery services tailored to help you achieve your business outcomes​.

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Data Centre Services

"Sungard AS came across as the ultimate professionals with first-class experience who would successfully meet our needs."
Andrew Terry, IT Manager, SEGRO

Case Study Data Centre Services

Business Continuity

“I genuinely believe our two companies share some of the same DNA... and know I can depend on Sungard AS.”
John Frost, Head of BC, Security & Shrinkage,  Marks & Spencer

Case Study BC Services

Managed Hosting

“With so much riding on continuous availability ... knowing Sungard AS is behind us enables me to sleep at night.”
Tony Gavin, Vice President, Vendor Management, Kuoni Group IT

Case Study Managed Hosting

Cloud Services

“A big factor in the decision to choose Sungard AS again was the reliability we’ve enjoyed to date.”
Kyran O'Kelly, General Manager, FUJIFILM

Case Study Cloud Services

Enable​ the value of your Hybrid IT

Infrastructure is no longer an either/or propositi​on.
See how combining legacy systems with in-house and public cloud deployments can give you sought-after agility, flexibility and focus without compromising production workloads.

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Master your complex IT environment

Customers are increasingly demanding great experiences from your brand, both online and off. But the IT systems required to support these experiences can be costly to build, complex to manage. Sungard AS are uniquely qualified to conquer your IT complexity challenge.

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Build resiliency into IT Production AND Recovery

In today’s world, your company needs to be “always on” or risk losing money. Sungard Availability Services is uniquely able to provide integrated IT solutions that help your business-critical applications stay up and running. ​

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Embrace digital disruption with confidence

Are you ready to take advantage of new platforms, tools and relationships to undercut your competitors, get closer to your customers and overturn old ways of doing business? We can smooth your transition to a truly digital enterprise.

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Achieve and maintain regulatory compliance

Do you regard compliance as merely a means of keeping your business out of the headlines and the regulators’ crosshairs? Find out how compliance can breed confidence in your business and brand that translates into real competitive advantage. ​

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Case Studies

Thousands of customers trust us to ensure their applications, data and systems are always up and running and operating at peak efficiency​. Through our uniquely collaborative approach to Managed Services, we help our customers' organisations keep running, and crucially keep pace.

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Company Update

On March 31, 2014, Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) was split off from SunGard and became a separate, independent company. If you are looking for information on SunGard, including SunGard Financial Systems, SunGard K-12 Education and SunGard Public Sector, please visit​​​