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Are you confident you could maintain “business as usual” in the event of any disaster or disruption? Having completed more than 100,000 recovery tests, we find that many businesses struggle to prioritise disaster recovery, because they’re overwhelmed by constant business change, the pressure of synchronising thousands of changes to recovery scripts, and a shortage of staff or technical know-how.

At Sungard AS, we’ve been ensurin​g reliable recovery of businesses’ critical functions in every conceivable scenario for over 30 years. Our business continuity services experience has been gained from supporting thousands of disaster declarations in complex environments.​

Partner with Sungard AS, and we become a trusted extension of your own data centre and teams. It’s our job to anticipate risk events before they occur, and proactively ensure all the appropriate measures are in place to deal with any eventuality – from elastic infrastructure to the facilities needed to keep people connected and functional at all times with instant access to critical systems, communications and workspaces.

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Brochure | Too much on the IT checklist?

Get predictable resilience with Sungard Availability Services Recovery-as-a-Service.

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White Paper | ​Is your business ready for change?

Flexible, agile systems are critical for firms that want to win in the digital era. The digital workplace is no longer about running fixed processes that remain static; it’s about flexibility, agility and adapting to change.

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Recovery as a Service (RaaS)

Recovery as a Service from Sungard AS delivers the complete set of people, processes and tools to ensure comprehensive, compliant and effective testing and recovery to meet your stated recovery time/recovery point objectives.

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Cloud Disaster Recovery

Continuous data protection, dramatically faster recovery.
Cloud Disaster Recovery from
 Sungard AS replicates your systems and data in real-time to one of
our highly resilient
 data centres.​

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Sungard AS has the UK’s most advanced workplace and office recovery solutions, so we’re wherever ​you need us, whenever you need us. We can initiate the platforms, facilities and global connectivity you need to maintain business as usual.

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Sales: 08082388080

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