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Business Continuity

Workplace Recovery Centres in India

Protecting Offshore and Outsourced Business Processes
Over the past twenty years, an extraordinary amount of business processes and development has been extended to the shores of India. Many of these processes operate unprotected with little or no Workplace Recovery capability to speak off. During this time, businesses has become increasingly aware of the need to extend business continuity to these facilities. 
In 2010, business' find themselves in a trading landscape that has radically changed, with increased amounts of regulatory scrutiny, greater corporate governance respnsibilities and terrorism. Many firms are now ensuring business continuity best practice is applied to their off-shore and outsourced facilities.
Sungard AS World class Workplace Recovery capability has now been extended to India with the opening of two Workplace recovery Centres,  providing more that 500 dedicated positions at: Thane (near Mumbai) and Noida (near New Delhi).  A further dedicated facility at Chennai is also in development.

To ensure your processes are protected, end to end, contact Sungard AS now by calling +44 (0) 808 238 8080 or complete the General Enquiry form
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