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Enterprise Cloud Services


There's no right journey to cloud

Enterprise Cloud Services

There's no right journey to Cloud. There's simply the right journey for you

Our approach is different, we ask questions, and the biggest is:
What business outcomes is your technology expected to drive?

Put simply, we work with you to understand what you realistically need. Every cloud customer benefits from a bespoke service in this way, because it’s the only way to do it.

What do YOU need from the cloud?

  • FLEXIBILITY – Cloud should fit your business processes – not the other way around. No matter what mix of systems you rely on, we’ll help you realise the full potential of Cloud with a Joined-up Hybrid Service
  • AVAILABILITY – Our enterprise-grade SLAs stipulate a minimum of 99.95% availability
  • SCALABILITY – Using our flex pools, you can add incremental compute resource at any time
  • MANAGEABILITY – We take the burden of everyday management off your hands, so you are free to take a more proactive, business-focused approach
  • AFFORDABILITY – You can enjoy an enterprise-class service without CAPEX – and gain grat control over your IT spend
  • TRUST – As a versatile provider of managed infrastructure, we’re playing an active role in moving cloud adoption from a tactical measure to a strategic advantage

Enterprise Cloud Services from Sungard AS

No one else has the same combination of business priorities, security concerns, constraints and comfort levels. Or the same mix of hardware, applications and legacy systems.

That’s why one-size-fits-all cloud solutions just don’t work for most organisations.

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The concept of enterprise-class cloud computing may be relatively new but the underlying infrastructure is Sungard AS bread and butter. We trust their expertise and resources.


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