​Sungard AS makes the cloud business and IT friendly.


The cloud has already established its credentials by enabling the shift from capital-intensive to operational cost models, greater efficiency and agility, and reduced complexity. Now, it’s being used to direct the focus of IT resources onto higher-value activities for the business, and to support innovation at lower risk.

Sungard AS was among the first to acknowledg​e the reality of hybrid computing: organisations typically have a mix of IT infrastructures arising from legacy investments and the introduction of newer platforms for evolving workloads. That’s why we look at the bigger picture of your business drivers and demands. We recommend solutions based on the interoperation of public, private and managed environments from whatever sources, plus internal and external application services – allowing you to align IT consumption to business need without constraint or compromise.

As cloud adoption gathers momentum, our services catalogue and repeatable processes enable our customers’ IT departments to position themselves as cloud service brokers, and make themselves approachable to business units for advice, facilitation and support. And we help organisations to look beyond the migration of existing enterprise workloads to a strategy of developing cloud-optimised applications that fully exploit the potential of the cloud.


Key Points
  • A full range of private and public enterprise cloud services and consultancy

  • Cloud-delivered applications and database services​​​

  • Cloud-enabled Disaster Recovery​​

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